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Minnesotans, no matter our color, faith, or birthplace, want pretty similar things. We want jobs that allow us to live, not just survive. We want healthcare we can afford that keeps our families healthy. We want schools where our kids can reach their full potential.

We look out for each other and care about our neighbors.

But there are some politicians who are working hard to divide us by our race, gender, zip code, job and religion to distract us from their true goals: helping the rich get richer while leaving the rest of us behind. They know when they get us to be scared or hateful of each other it stops us from coming together to stand up to their greedy actions.

But this election year we will show we are #GreaterThanFear and vote for candidates who are going to ensure that all Minnesotans – no exceptions – can live safe, happy and healthy lives.

But to do that we need to vote for candidates who stand with working families.

SEIU is a union representing over 50,000 Minnesotans from every walk of life. We are healthcare workers, school employees and property service workers. Our members endorse candidates who we believe will be champions for a state where every Minnesotan – no matter our race, religion, wealth or zip code – can live joyful lives.

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